Alyssa Milano shows her bush in this striptease video presentation

June 17th, 2008

Alyssa Milano is undoubtedly one hot actress and T.V. personality. From the earliest days of her career, she has been touted as a sex symbol by the public. And with nudity in some of the movies under her belt, she’s no stranger to naked scenes and therefore not shy to bare everything anymore. But in this video, I recommend that she shave first before baring her crotch in front of the camera. She’s beautiful, hands down. But the era when women sport afro pubes are long gone. She’ll be sexier and hotter if she decided to trim that bush even for just a little bit. But that’s just my opinion. I know there are a lot of hairy chick lovers out there and no doubt this video will turn them on. But for me, this video is just a little bit hairy for my taste. Nevertheless, at Celeb Porn, we always present to you the celebrity as you’ve never seen her before. And I truly believe that you haven’t seen Alyssa Milano bare everything like she did in this striptease video clip before. Nice perky tits on this actress by the way. So click the thumbs and enjoy the video!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt masturbation scandal revealed!

June 17th, 2008

An explicit masturbation video of Jennifer Love Hewitt is featured in this post. The buxom young actress has her legs spread wide and her pussy totally exposed in front of the camera. She has one hand rubbing her clit at the start of the video and then towards the end, she took out a vibrator to play with. The video is pretty hardcore, certainly enough to induce all you perverts’ wanking instincts. Before you continue watching, get out the tissue paper to prevent accidental liquid spills from your desktop. Fans of this beautiful brunette actress better be prepared for an assault to the senses before you watch this hardcore porn clip. When you’re ready with everything, then go ahead and click the video below for the full version.

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Britney Spears gets her daily dose of man-juice

June 17th, 2008

Britney Spears once again shocked the whole world with another controversy. This time the pop singer is allegedly the star in a homemade porn flick featuring explicit fucking and cock sucking. The blonde celebrity has denied allegations that she’s the woman featured in the hardcore sex video. Granted, the video is a bit dark and grainy and it’s hard to see if the girl really is Britney. But she sure does look like her! Will this video add to the long list of Britney Spears’ notorious antics? Or will it just fade away due to lack of evidence? Either way, we have a sample of the video clip available in this post. Check out the clip below by clicking on it. Decide for yourself if the girl receiving a facial is indeed Britney Spears. Or if you’re looking for more Celeb Porn, then click the link to get access to our extensive collection of hardcore movies and images featuring your favorite celebrities!